Patricia Leat L.Ac.Dipl. Ac., Dipl. Herb.
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About Me

Patricia Leat L.Ac. Dipl. O.M.
California Licensed - Nationally Certified Acupuncturist and Herbologist and Wholistic Coach

Patricia Leat is a licensed, nationally certified Acupuncturist and Herbologist in the U.S. and draws on a variety of therapies in her practice in order to provide the most appropriate treatment for each patient. She blends Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with Nutrition, Qi Gong, Ayurvedic Medicine, Mantras and the CranioSacral Therapy of John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M., in conjunction with the visceral manipulation techniques of Jean-Pierre Barral , as well as meridian therapy with truly amazing results.

Learning her way to feel and hear and see a whole person started from a meeting with an older chinese master who taught her everything she ever needed to know and revealed that she indeed is a medical intuitive, connected to whatever that person needs to be assisted in their wellness. Her further studies helped put words to an already developed skill.

Her skills and insights have enabled her to work with a wide range of patients including those with dyslexia and learning disorders, serious digestive disorders, migraines, coma patients, colic and other innervation-related conditions and more. Patricia has treated birthing mothers and newborns to those ending their journey.

In her continued desire to find new and more effective modalities, she participates as a therapist in Dolphin Assisted Therapy (cranio sacral therapy and other modalities in the water assisted by dolphins) for patients with brain and spinal cord injuries. Patti was one of the original team of therapists involved in the pilot project by the Upledger Intitute, the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida.

Patricia has gone to India many times to both volunteer her sevices and learn Ayurveda. Her fascination with different ways to look at dis-ease has created a drive to encorporate as many modalites and principles so that she feels that she cannot miss anything that is even a very tiny piece of the root of a problem or even something that can lead to one.

Patricia's love for nature and her commitment to protect the environment by using only environmentally safe products has fostered an appreciation of herbs and natural healing methods. She incorporates nutritional counseling into her practice and is a nationally certified herbologist in both Chinese and Western Herbs and supplements.

Her interest in alternative therapies and her commitment to healing others has become her path. Her love of life and desire to help others aid their bodies and minds in healing themselves has built a loyal following and brought even more joy into her life.

This talented healthcare specialist is a member of the The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners , a league of caregivers dedicated to therapies that offer innovative solutions to their patients and clients. The IAHP was founded to provide a united voice for the practitioners of many complementary healthcare modalities.

Patricia is also a PADI certified Scuba Instructor with close to 500 dives around the world. Besides the magical healing and peace she finds beneath the waves, her continued study and participation in Dolphin Assisted Therapy benefits her patients, also benefiting underwater research and familiarity with the properties of bodies of water and the ocean inhabitants around the globe.